2020 Michigan Runner Race Series


SOLO EDITION because most races are cancelled but running isn’t! We were only able to get in one of the series races (2/2/20 – Super Meijer Bowl 5k) this year before COVID hit so we are adapting to keep the Michigan Runner Race Series dream alive! From 8/17/20 until 12/31/20 complete as many of the following solo time trial distances (1-mile, 5-mile, 10-mile, 15-mile, 20-mile, and/or 30-mile) to take part in one of Michigan’s longest running traditions. The more you complete, the better your chances will be of winning! Questions contact nick (at) annarborrunningcompany.com


1. STRAVA RESULTS can be submitted until December 31st, 2020 at Noon EST. RESULTS will be updated daily. You can redo any distance, as many times as you’d like to go for a better time. Your time is based on ELAPSED TIME, not moving time (includes any stops you take). Title your run on Strava MRRS (distance)… i.e. MRRS 1-MILE for the mile time trial you are submitting. The run you are submitting must be the exact (or slightly over) the distance you are submitting for. Don’t include a warm-up or anything else. Anything less than the distance you are submitting will not be counted. SUBMIT YOUR RESULTS HERE.

2. SOLO because it’s 2O2O and that’s how we been rolling! Complete the run on your own. It’s part of the challenge.

3. COURSE cannot be a point-to-point course. As long as the start and finish are close to each other that is cool. We just don’t want people running a downhill course and getting an advantage over others. Looped and out & back courses are good. No 400m tracks.

4. POINTS will be kept for open and masters, just like before $#!t hit the fan. 2020 STANDINGS

2/2/20 – Super Meijer Bowl 5k

1-MILE – Results

5-MILE – Results

10-MILE – Results

15-MILE – Results

20-MILE – Results

30-MILE – Results

1/1/21 – A Very Nice Run (AWARDS)